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Pregnancy support


Pregnancy can be a challenging time... especially if it's your first. However, even having been through it before, pregnancy can still be challenging. Sometimes we bring baggage from our previous birth experience and/or birth trauma into our current one, which (without appropriate support) may end up negatively effecting this experience/birth and/or how we transition into our role as parents.


The White Lotus Pregnancy Support Package offers continuity of care through ongoing support across pregnancy and up until the commencement of labour, for both you and your partner. When a partner feels supported, heard and their experiences and feelings validated, they arrive at the knowing that this is as much their pregnancy, labour, birth and transition into their role of parenthood as it is hers. And as a result are so much more equipped to better support their partner.

White Lotus is extremely passionate about supporting the couple to both have their best birth experience and walk away from birth feeling confident and empowered rather than disappointed or traumatised (which is all too often the case in birth).


If you desire a cheerleader to champion you both as you continue to prepare for labour and birth, then White Lotus is your one-stop shop for support and birth prep!  

You will be supported and more than capable of negotiating any forks in the road with confidence as you own your journey and come to the realisation that the healthcare system is there to support and facilitate your experience, not dictate or control it. This is vital if we are to empower and educate ourselves appropriately so that we are capable of providing informed consent each step of the way. Which is the key to truly owning our journey and walking away from birth not only understanding the experience, but free of the effects and aftermath of unnecessary birth trauma.


What is included:

Ongoing support from 24wks up until the commencement of labour (avail earlier by negotiation)

7 day/week support via text/email

Weekly check-in phone call 

Invites to White Lotus events/social gatherings



breastfeeding support


Contrary to the common expectation - breastfeeding does not always 'come naturally'.

It is after all, a learned skill - one that you will need to learn, bub will need to learn, and then you will need to learn how to make it work together.

Much like any new skill, it is not uncommon to require a little support during the initial learning phase.

The success and duration of breastfeeding often depends heavily on the amount of support

received during the initial postnatal period. 

White Lotus aims to provide new mothers and their partner with practical support, guidance and advice with regards to learning the 'how to' of latching and attachment.

White Lotus Breastfeeding Support package will assist you in preparing antenatally (by way of an optional breastfeeding class recommended from 36wks on) and continue to support you through the initial newborn period (4wks post birth).

Our support with appropriate latching and attachment, along with meeting the basic needs associated with learning and mastering any newfound skill, will result in a positive experience that can continue to be enjoyed for as long as you choose. 

What's included:

White Lotus antenatal breastfeeding class recommended from 36wks on and to which partners are encouraged to attend

Ongoing phone/text and/or email support 7days/week throughout the first 4wks post birth

One home visit to support with latching, attachment and tackling any issues and/or to provide encouragement 






***Whilst more than 95% of our cases are easily handled with one home visit and ongoing phone/text support,

further home visits avail by negotiation for an additional fee. 

NB: Prices are in AUD. *Based on Interest-free payments plan using Debitsuccess.

Deposit of $295 is required upfront for support packages. Conditions apply.

Please contact us to discuss any of the packages mentioned or anything you feel you need that may not be mentioned.

Including Antenatal Breastfeeding class
From as little as *$25/wk
From as little as *$32/wk
From as little as *$25/wk
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