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When intervention is necessary... being informed and educated matters!

The reality is that our birthing journey could have been a very different one. It could have been one of ignorance, one that left us both shaking in the corner, unsure of what had happened and how we got there. But because of White Lotus, their services and ongoing education and support throughout the final weeks of our pregnancy, our birth and thereafter, we know that it’s ok that our little man’s birth day played out like it did and we were prepared for it.

Leading into our Calmbirth weekend workshop my husband and I were unaware of the labour and birthing options available to us - we had been happy to “just wing it”. But boy did our two days in the Bali hut change that. We walked away absolutely ready to labour and birth instinctively, birth intentions listed, my husband ready to receive our baby into this world with his own hands and looking forward to our nightly meditation together - a time for us to connect to our little miracle residing inside.

“When you’re educated, and can make informed decisions - you have control over the situation, rather than feeling like you’re watching your own journey from the sidelines..”

Every single person we encountered over the next 8 weeks that dared ask about our “birth plan” heard from the both of us what a magical and empowering experience we’d had in getting us mentally and emotionally prepared for birth. No word of a lie, my husband left the workshop saying “I’m that excited for labour I want a vagina so I can birth this baby like a boss” HAHA!

But it wasn’t just about wanting a vaginal delivery - it was about being prepared for whatever path was necessary on that day; taking away the fear of intervention, if intervention was what was required for a safe arrival and being able to debrief post-birth, as new parents. Without White Lotus, our birth day would have looked very different.

It turns out our journey ended in a Cat 2 emergency caesarean. But guess what, our birth was still about breathing, removing the fear, holding hands, reciting positivity affirmations. It was about meditating and visualising our little one in our arms, all skills learned through our investment in our birth through the services of White Lotus.

It was about two people who love each other, who still got to see their beautiful, healthy baby boy arrive into the world, screaming, and being able to shed tears of joy. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter if I birthed a baby through my “giant pelvis” ;-) or if he was pulled quickly from my tummy by the hands of an obstetrician - what mattered is that we were prepared for whatever situation arose.

Hand on heart we both believe that if it wasn’t for being empowered by White Lotus, that 4.5 months down the track we’d still be broken, trying to understand why our “wing it” mindset left us both scared to approach birth ever again. Not to mention the fact that I am thrilled to still be enjoying the ongoing benefits of breastfeeding, for which early support and reassurance is an absolute must.

We can not recommend White Lotus enough!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for investing your time in us, being a constant cheerleader, and empowering us to experience the most magical day of our lives.

Daniel, Nichole and baby Archer 

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