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I was determined to have a better birth for my second...

After the birth of my first baby I was determined to have a different experience with my second. I was made to feel birth was this horrible event that we were all to endure, which is exactly how my first birth went. When I discovered I was pregnant again I thought "Well I'm not going to go through that again!". I knew it could be different but just didn't know how. Then we discovered White Lotus Birth and Beyond, a platform that would provide profound education and support to mentally prepare me for birth.

Understanding the processes of labour so we were equipped to work with what was happening once labour started, rather than feel overwhelmed by it made such a huge difference to how both my husband and I experienced it. We now knew birth was something to embrace and experience rather than fear... which is exactly what we did.

The birth of my second child is and will always be the most empowering experience of my life.

White Lotus Birth and Beyond is not just for those who wish to have a drug free birth in a bath. If you are planning a cesarean, epidural or every drug under the sun... You can still benefit from the knowledge, support and empowerment White Lotus Birth and Beyond will provide you and your partner.

Be empowered, be educated and make the best informed decisions you can whilst welcoming your baby into the world. Trust me... it's worth it!

Caris and Tom

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