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for us The Ultimate Support Package meant the ultimate experience

Our first connection with White Lotus Birth and Beyond was through the Calmbirth course, which was the most wonderful experience. I know that I speak for both my husband Hamish and I when we say that the course literally changed our lives. We went from taking a laid back 'what will be will be' approach to labour to absolutely owning it, and making it the birth we wanted.

With the support of White Lotus Birth and Beyond, we felt that we were totally empowered to make the decisions we wanted.

I could rave about the prenatal support from White Lotus Birth and Beyond for hours but really the most incredible part was the postnatal support we received as part of the Ultimate package.

When we were in hospital, our baby William fed beautifully, he had a touch of jaundice but nothing to worry about. When we arrived home, his conditioned worsened and my milk still hadn't come in. I went from feeling confident to absolutely broken.

When White Lotus Birth and Beyond arrived for our postnatal support session just 48 hours later it was like the cavalry had arrived. Suddenly here was someone we absolutely trusted who gave us the direction we needed to get William feeding again. It was a slow process but we established exclusive breastfeeding again after a few weeks and I was so, so happy.

There is no way I would have been able to successfully breastfeed without the support we received as I just didn't have the knowledge or the right headspace to make it happen alone. What we received was more than just a few home visits – it was support on the phone, via text, messages of encouragement 24/7. I felt that I could reach out for support, day or night, and that was truly invaluable.

I never thought we would have a birth support person as why would we? But oh my goodness, I am so grateful that the stars aligned and we connected with White Lotus Birth and Beyond. Having support across the continuum meant we felt empowered rather than frightened and were free to truly own (and understand) our birth experience. I can't imagine how different the outcome for birth and those early postnatal days would have been otherwise.

When you engage White Lotus Birth and Beyond to be part of your pregnancy and birth journey, you're enlisting the help of someone strong, passionate and incredibly knowledgable. It's like having a cheerleader on your side every step of the way.

Whether throughout pregnancy, holding your hand when you need it most in those early postnatal days; Or picking you up, dusting you off, giving you a hug, and reminding you that you've TOTALLY GOT THIS and you're doing a brilliant job. I will always be so glad that we decided to go for the full package of support from White Lotus Birth and Beyond and I would recommend it to any new parents. And it's not just about mums – it's about empowering dads, too! My husband Hamish and I think of those early days of parenthood with such gratitude. The support, love and knowledge we received from White Lotus Birth and Beyond will stay with us always.

Fiona and Hamish

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