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Calmbirth is a childbirth education program that was developed to re-educate and re-empower women and their partners about the natural process of labour and birth. Having an understanding of what is actually happening throughout your body assists you preparing to work with the process of labour rather than against it through fear. We also look at how your beliefs, perceptions and fears (often sub-consciously) contribute to creating the very birth experience you are aiming to avoid.

The knowledge and skills imparted at Calmbirth classes have empowered many couples to embrace and surrender to their approaching birth experience with a new understanding, increased confidence and a fearlessness. "Calm" means the absence of fear and other strong emotions... doesn't that sound like a wonderful birth?

Calmbirth is not about birth playing out a certain way, but rather preparation for ALL possibilities.

After all, we can't plan birth... but we can prepare for it! And by doing so it will mean that no matter what happens, you are both more than equipped to find your voice, own your journey and negotiate any forks in the road having provided informed consent when and where needed and without giving your power away. 

White Lotus delivers regular Calmbirth workshops in the following settings:


 *Two Day Weekend Workshop

 *Evening Workshop -over four evenings (6pm-8.30pm)





*Private Workshops (by appointment)


The classes are held in our purpose built studio on the southern end of the Gold Coast which caters perfectly to the needs of the group and/or private class.


Sat 11th/Sun 12th Jan 2020 - BOOKED OUT

January Evening Class - Limited spaces left

Sat 1st/Sun 2nd Feb - Limited spaces left


5th, 7th, 12th & 14th November
See below for dates
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