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White Lotus Birth and Beyond



Many couples feel overwhelmed by fear of the unknown and the possibility of birth "not going to plan"…

or even worse- a cascade of unnecessary intervention that leads to birth trauma.


White Lotus Birth and Beyond provide an online community, with training and support so that women and their partners

might replace fear, with knowledge and excited anticipation as they continue to prepare for birth. 


So what is ‘Why Mindset Matters in Childbearing’ you ask? 

'Why Mindset Matters in Childbearing' is the antenatal/pregnancy workshop that makes up part of

the White Lotus Birth and Beyond 'Why Mindset Matters' Series. 

It is a workshop that is available both in person and online and is designed with you in mind.

The workshop is aimed at empowering couples to be confident in finding their voice so that they can

truly own their journey. 

It will facilitate you transforming from the ‘submissive participant’ role you may not have even realised you were filling;

into the confident, interactive, navigator and author of your story. 


It will allow you and your partner to reach a place of connectedness so that you both feel

understood and capable of supporting each other in achieving your goals. 

It will show you how you have been (inadvertently) giving your power away and how to 

stop doing this; So that you are no longer on someone else’s agenda and take back the drivers seat. 


It will facilitate a healthier relationship between you and your care provider/s so that you are capable of

providing informed consent, rather than blind compliance. 

And will enable you a sense of ownership over your story so that birth can be the rewarding, empowering and enriching experience it was destined to be!

In the workshop we will cover:

'The 7 Secrets To Achieving Your BEST Birth' - debunking each and leaving you feeling

confident and empowered to find your voice, own your journey and stop giving your power away.

The workshop will change the way you interact with pregnancy and your care providers in a way that is mutually respectful, fulfilling and rewarding.

You will also receive 3mth FREE subscription to our closed FB group which is aimed at providing the much needed (but lacking) sense of 'village it takes to raise a child', support, guidance and access to reputable resources.

For a limited time you will also receive

Module 7: Why Mindset Matters in Parenting


Module: 8 Why Mindset Matters in Breastfeeding

FREE when you book your Why Mindset Matters in Childbearing workshop!

*This offer applies to BOTH online and face-to-face workshops


Our group face-to-face workshops are held over two full days

approx every 6wks and cost $795.00/couple.

Check out  




for our most up-to-date special offer on the online version

of our workshop. 

Alternatively, private/one-on-one workshops can be arranged by negotiation and $995/couple.


Calmbirth Workshops

Calmbirth is a childbirth education program that was developed to re-educate and re-empower women and their partners about the natural process of labour and birth. Having an understanding of what is actually happening throughout your body assists you preparing to work with the process of labour rather than against it through fear. We also look at how your beliefs, perceptions and fears (often subconsciously) contribute to creating the very birth experience you are aiming to avoid.

The knowledge and skills imparted at Calmbirth classes have empowered many couples to embrace and surrender to their approaching birth experience with a new understanding, increased confidence and a fearlessness.

"Calm" means the absence of fear and other strong emotions... doesn't that sound like a wonderful birth?

NB: Our Calmbirth Workshops for 2020 are limited. Please contact us to confirm avail dates.

All of our workshops/classes are held in our purpose built studio on the southern end of the Gold Coast which caters perfectly to the needs of the group and/or private class.


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